Strauss Rottman

Brings the best possible sound in mealy-shaped musical instruments

J. Strauss & B. Rottman

 J. Strauss and B. Rottman, after 15 years of designing musical instruments of the most eminent manufacturers around the world, have decided to launch their own production and new quality brand. 

Established in 2012, Strauss Rottman is a brand dedicated to bringing high quality musical instruments and accessories to musicians of all types, from students to professionals, at the most attractive prices.

All our instruments, are handmade from designs created by our team of specialists in U.K.

Enjoy the best sound, because you deserve it.


Music instruments made by hand

Each instrument manufactured in Strauss Rottman fabric is manually inspected and finished.


Digital Pianos

Last-generation digital pianos.

It feels like an acoustic piano, with great design, interactive connectivity and a powerful speaker system. Grand Piano sample never sounded more realistic.


Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars with great sound and craftsmanship. Many years of experience in making acoustic instruments we have interfered in the series "A" of acoustic guitars. Carefully made pieces that will breath life into your music.


Classical Guitars

A classic instrument made of wood and heart, with a heart in it, was built with the aim of the most beautiful notes coming from it.


Electric Guitars

When it comes to rock and roll, Strauss Rottman electric guitars are there to light a fire.



School string instruments of great craftsmanship and high quality.



The little things every musician needs.